Therapy and integrity

What is Chiropractor's Therapy?
The chiropractor's therapy approach combines many techniques. It is the knowledge and subtleties of the right impact and the natural principles of our body.

    To cure bones - you need to know that they are attached to the axis of the body - the vertebral column

    Therefore, the basis of editing is knowledge of the spine, this is knowledge of the basis of the body. Based on Axis. The axis itself is our core, our health, will and spirit.
    Editing the spine is primarily a work with the skeleton and root causes at all levels. This is the elimination of kyphosis, scoliosis, hyperlordosis, chest opening, leg alignment and shoulder level. Do not be confused with manual therapy, osteopathy, etc. First of all, this is a synthesis of many techniques, at the base - both their own techniques and adopted traditions from the most powerful masters of their business, the transfer was always mutual from master to master - without apprenticeship, thanks to this everyone has formed absolutely their own style. The basis of chiropractic is always the integrity of the approach to man.

    Primary therapy

    Removal of functional units and chronic fatigue. Elimination of dislocations, decompression of the spine, elimination of the root cause of vertebral axis curvature and primary bone corset assembly. The main task is to facilitate the state of a person, give recommendations for independent study and explain the essence - how his body is arranged, what is happening to him now at different levels of awareness: attitude to himself and his environment, biochemistry, biorhythms and the specific physiology of his skeleton. The results will be obvious after the first edit.
    < h1 > How is editing done? Editing takes place without any devices, only skill of hands, legs and understanding of the correct impact are used, in a particular case. So it happened in the old days.
    < h1 > Will one edit suffice? It often happens that the skeleton can be well assembled at one time, depends on the consciousness and state of the body, but sometimes several edits and simple specific actions are needed for further readiness at all stages. It is worth understanding that editing is only a step, but a key and basic one.