About me

Your healer - for many years now engaged in research in the field of bone healing, kinesiology, manual therapy and physiotherapy, i have discovered long-forgotten and lost knowledge of secret and open techniques from all over the world. Thanks to many years of training and practice, all techniques are honed to perfection and effective. .


    Before doing healing, I studied most of the techniques on myself, and achieved an impressive state of health, which can be understood immediately when meeting. It is in the matter of healing that you should never turn to those who, by their example, cannot show their experience.


    Many years of research in the field of traditional and non-traditional medicine - led me to Old Slavic and shamanic techniques, which, despite their age, proved themselves to be the most effective.


    In healing the spines, I use the method of complex action on bones and muscles, and give a powerful impetus to the healthy state of the whole body, after which your task is only to maintain this state.

    Healing plants

    I also studied a huge number of healing plants. All the plants that I can introduce you to are quite realistic to get in pure form, and all of them either have no side effects or have minor ones, which fundamentally distinguishes them from modern medicines.

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