List of services

Chiropractor's Therapy

Comprehensive spinal repair

The chiropractor's session includes both work with the local pain site and with the whole body. At the end of the session, in addition to the relief in the area of the body that disturbs you - you will receive a literally updated body.

Plant Consultation

Considering individual indicators

Selection of healing plants that you need for healing, as well as recommendations - where to purchase them at affordable prices.

Neck recovery

Remember what it means to live

The neck recovery session is an incredible procedure in terms of power and efficiency, about the benefits of which more than one thousand articles have been written.

"Ladka" of the Body

Old Slavic restoration procedure.

"Ladka" is a complex of restorative - stimulating techniques that help to be healthy for many years. Old Slavic technicians update the body and start recovery processes.